This Kitchen Remodel is Going to Kill Me

My wife and I embarked on a true test of our marriage: a kitchen renovation. It is a scary proposition.  Anyone who has attempted such a project knows what I mean. While the planning stage is fun, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. You argue over the smallest details. Each of us had a distinct opinion about everything from the color of the walls and the type of flooring to the kitchen faucet. I had a specific preference for a state-of-the-art chrome touchless model while Vanessa absolutely insisted on one that matched the new sink, complete with hot and cold knobs. It seems like a ridiculous fight in retrospect.

Either choice would have worked well, and all the new faucets are so sleek and modern. It is hard to select just one. It often comes down to budget, so we let that be the deciding factor. As it turns out, I gave in to matching the faucet style to the kitchen sink. In that we chose a “farm sink,” it made sense to go with a bit of a retro look. The kitchen isn’t going to be pure country by any means, but it will have some elements of the past such as a wood butcher block and a traditional tile backsplash with a central painted image. I love that appliances can be ultra-high tech or traditional and still include all the latest digital features.

A bigger problem was the terrible mess that was made during remodeling. More than once I cried, “this remodel is going to kill me.” I didn’t get much sympathy from Vanessa who was in the same boat. It seemed to take forever. If something wasn’t on special order (taking weeks to deliver), it wasn’t in stock. Then there was the constant fine dust that permeated every nook and cranny of the house. We seemed to be vacuuming every day. In fact, we were exhausted—even though we weren’t doing the work ourselves! The cabinet maker was superb and the plumber the best. We had no worries about quality or installation. Once we were content with our design decisions, we had to accept the next phase with grace. You have people wandering about your house, leaving tools in the oddest places.

Given the hassle, I wouldn’t hesitate if you are considering a remodel of any room of the house. It is so worth it when the upgrade is completed. We love our gorgeous new kitchen, and we received a lot of praise for it on Facebook when we shared it there. It has inspired us to cook together as never before. I bought my wife a set of ceramic dishes in recognition of her positive attitude during the noisiest phase of the renovation. She bought me a set of retro-style copper pots and pans to hang on the new wood rafter over the butcher block. Everything had been executed to perfection and any threat to the marriage was long gone.