Spent the Day on a Yacht…

If you have never boarded a yacht for a day of sailing in the sun, and an invitation comes your way, you are in for a special treat. I spent the day on a mega boat last weekend and I can’t wait to tell readers about it. It isn’t hard to imagine the luxury of such a vessel whose interior is made of the most gorgeous polished wood. The decks outside are newly stained and hold an array of colorful fold-up chairs and lounges. There are built in benches covered with inflated pads. No matter where you sit or recline, you are comfortable. The sails are so massive and when open to the wind, they are awesome. I watched the crew maneuver them skillfully.

As I expected, there were a variety of beverages from dozens of beers to fine French wines. Snacks were everywhere. When it was time for lunch, a huge tray of gourmet treats was passed around. I was in heaven. It was the yacht of an art dealer I know who wanted to thank me for acquiring a small copper Buddha statue from Nepal. He is a renowned collector who always challenges me to find rare objects. This is the essence of my business. He gave me a private tour of the boat. I could peek in nooks and crannies to see all the refined details that were apparent in the main cabin. The boat was divided into several sections so that people could cook or socialize and take a nap if they liked.

I was also impressed by these marine speakers on board that helped distribute some pleasant low-key music inside and out. They were top of the line I am sure, probably a well-known brand. They are like any quality speaker in terms of projecting clear and crisp sound with the difference that they are salt and waterproof. The material is a tough poly sealed with rubber but not unattractive. I imagine that it has durable steel mounts. I wish I could tell you about the woofers and tweeters as connoisseurs like to know this stuff. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t imagine waves wreaking havoc to any of this luxury.

Music was a nice touch and a pleasant alternative to a cell phone blaring. You felt as though you were in a fancy resort. They had great power, but weren’t overly large and conspicuous. Subtlety is the hallmark of the rich. Even when they dress, they don’t scream “look at me.” They wear the best deck shoes and cotton tees for sailing but it is always subtle elegance. I crossed my feet to cover my old boat shoes. Meanwhile, we talked about art and what the client would like to add to his collection next. I gave him my travel itinerary to give him some ideas. He showed him some photos online and he earmarked a few that piqued his interest. It was a glorious day altogether.