New Show Opening Tonight

There is so much to do here today but I’ve been forced by the owners to take a break for a few minutes. I thought I’d use that time to check in here and give an update. We have a local photographer who has taken some wonderful black and white photos of scenery in the area. I met with him and loved his work from the start. There was something special about these pictures so we decided to do a special kind of show. I talked to the owners about it. They were excited and immediately started looking for possible locations for the show. They were able to secure some space at a local hotel, under the premise that hotel guests might want a souvenir to remember their visit. We are also hoping that people will be enticed into the hotel to see the photos and then possibly stay for a meal at the hotel restaurant. It has the potential to be mutually lucrative, and I am hoping that it works out that way. We have never done anything like this before, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really want this to do well for our sake, but mostly for the sake of the photographer—he’s never done a showing before—and for the hotel, because otherwise, this may be the last time they ever work with us.

My job, in all this, has been fairly extensive. Aside from my normal gallery duties, I selected the photos we would display and designed the marketing materials. I enjoyed that, although I felt bad when I turned down a photo. I select art all the time, so I am not sure why this artist in particular made rejecting some photos so hard. Once our location was officially secured, I walked through with the hotel manager and talked to her about what we would need to make the show successful (it was mostly lighting). Then the photographer and I agreed on print size, frames, and the sequence of photographs. We assigned a price to each one and I had the appropriate tags made. Once the prints came in, I hung them at the hotel. I actually just got back from doing that.

I am sure I will be sent home soon so that I can get dressed and be ready to represent the gallery at the show, but for now, I wanted to be here at work to see if there was anything gallery-related I could do. I haven’t been here much over the last few days. I have spent much of my time here for the last five years, so I do start to feel odd when I don’t at least check in every once in a while. And there it is—I’ve been found out and given the order to go home. I’ll let you know how it goes!