Great Day at Work

I love my job. I am incredibly lucky that the owners of the gallery let me select artwork without many restrictions. If it is beautiful and I believe we can find a buyer, they usually let me go for it. There is an almost spiritual feeling when I find something to bring home to the gallery. I enjoy experimenting to determine just the right way to display each piece and anxiously await a buyer to take it to its new home. Today, amazingly, I was able to sell two of our most beautiful pieces to two very different clients.

First, I had a couple walk in off the street. They had seen an abstract painting I picked up on my honeymoon and asked the name of the artist. I gave them the artist’s name and told them the purchase history—that I found it in a bazzar in Kathmandu and had it shipped here because the intensely saturated colors were unlike anything I had ever seen before. We stood for a few minutes together, all staring at the painting.Suddenly, the woman turned to me and asked me how I could part with such a gorgeous painting. I laughed and told her that it needed to be in a purely white space, to accentuate the reds and golds so skillfully blended and applied to the canvas. My home has no such space. Her eyes grew wide as she said that they were very minimalist peopleand that their dining room was all white, chrome, and glass. Her husband smiled in agreement, and that was that—the painting came down off the wall. I am truly excited for them, as I think the painting will bring them a lot of enjoyment. I know every time I look at it, I see something else within its swirling brush strokes.

After lunch, I had a regular customer call in and ask if we had anything new. He was looking for something for his wife for their 25th anniversary. I mentioned that we had recently acquired a small statue depicting the Hindu god Shiva and his wife, Parvati. I explained a little about their story: about how they learned from one another and how their lovemaking was so powerful it frightened even the other gods. My client chuckled at that. By then, I knew he was greatly interested. Everyone loves having something with a story behind it. I just knew this piece would make the perfect gift, so I offered to take a picture of it for him so he could visualize it better. Within an hour of his receiving the picture, the funds were transferred to the gallery and I was packaging up the sculpture.

I found two wonderful pieces excellent homes today. I truly hope that they bring much joy to their new owners. It makes it much easier to part with such beautiful art when I know it is going somewhere that it will be appreciated. I look forward to whatever tomorrow will bring!