Day Two of a Work Trip

As a gallery curator, I am called upon to travel the world to bring home the best of native arts. I never object to an opportunity to explore artisanal crafts, particularly in Nepal. I discovered the joys of this wonderful place on my honeymoon and I always want to go back. I know there are more surprises in store if I take the time to wander and roam. This time, however, I am going to Europe for a two-day work trip. I will meet an art dealer who has promised me that it will be worth my while. He has new items to offer, many of which I have never seen before. I got pretty excited at the prospect. It is time to make some new acquisitions.

I am open to paintings on any surface such as paper, wood, concrete, or canvas. I am always looking for small carved sculptures of stone or wood and items of jewelry made of local beads and yarns. These can be worn by my patrons but also hung on walls as decoration. They are striking when you pair them with wooden masks. You can put sculptures or ornaments on a table below your arrangement for a fabulous effect. I enjoy helping clients mix and match things in their collections.

The trip to Europe was pleasant enough and the dealer was waiting for me at baggage claim. He had a car waiting to promptly escort me to my resort hotel. It wasn’t in the city so it was a nice change of pace. Although the rooms were small and compact, there was a nice patio in the back overlooking an open area I would call a field. A few boys were kicking a soccer ball about and practicing. One was sitting on the sidelines, reading a web site about soccer on his iPad – The art dealer saw my look of nostalgia and asked if I ever played the game. Of course, I have. He loves soccer and challenged me to a match the next day. Today we would do business and make shipping arrangements.

I procured some exceptional artworks that would arrive in only one week. I would be salivating at home while I waited for the packages to come. I had already taken photos with my cell phone and had forwarded many to existing clients. I knew their tastes and special desires so I could begin the sales process while traveling.

Now for the soccer match. My opponent was skilled and confident and gave me a run for my money so to speak. He had me literally on my toes. I was exhausted after an hour, but I plodded on. I wanted to try out my best moves. I had to dredge up memories of younger days when I was a good player over all. Age takes its toll. We had a great time and it was a true bonding experience. I had never had time for recreation on past trips to Europe or even Nepal.