Another Good Find

I am hooked on Nepalese arts and crafts. Yes, I have been to this wonderful country. In fact, it was on my honeymoon. My wife and I loved finding special examples of the local wares. They often left me spellbound. As a gallery curator, you can bet that I bought some very fine examples. After we left, I never forgot the experience. I was bound and determine to continue collecting the Nepalese style to share with the world. The question was where to find more apart from going back to this ethnic paradise.

I didn’t have to wait a long time to continue my enterprise. I was surveying the goods at a craft fair about one hundred miles away when I spotted a group of native Nepalese artisans who were busy working on the best wood lathes I’d seen in my life to make wooden sculptures. He had a variety of woodworking tools on display. People love watching a master at work and they were gathered around. I joined them and scooted closer to get a better view. Some of the finished work was beautifully displayed on an adjacent table covered with a Nepalese woven cloth. I knew immediately that I had hit the jackpot. The wood lathe was working its magic. I asked him how he could tell if the wood was adequately seasoned, and he pointed me to a page that he had printed out from which he used as a reference. I am fairly acquainted with woodworking tools and was quite impressed with this man’s results. One figure after another was a veritable treasure. They were lined up in a row like soldiers at attention. I continued to watch and realized how long it took to make just one. He adjusted the speed now and then to fashion the perfect contours.

“Is everything for sale,” I asked. “yes, of course. Plus, I can make something to your liking in terms of size and subject matter.” I waited for the crowd to thin and started to negotiate a deal for my gallery. I would need a variety of figures and enough to create a real ambience. I would mount a display that included photos of Nepal and a map for quick location of the country. I would give the artist a few weeks to finish some custom statues. In the interim, I did some research and wrote a press release to entice the public to come to the gallery show opening. I was trying to find a list of local Nepalese in my state so they could receive special invitations. Of course, I wanted the general public to be impressed. It is said that I have a good eye and know a find when I see it.

An ad appeared in the local paper and in the online calendar for my city. I had a good turnout for the exhibition and made many sales. I was gratified that many others admire Nepalese handicrafts as much as I do. They are unique and hard to find unless you visit Nepal. Then you need a guide to take you to just the right spots. My honeymoon was the start of a life-long passion.