A Homeowners’ Dilemma

I have been so busy these past few years travelling and scooping up artifacts for sale. I have to replenish my wares. Some of you may already know that my favorite stop is Nepal. The local arts and crafts are superb. I get to look at them daily as they grace my living room shelves. I have been preoccupied with my trade these last few months and have neglected my home. My wife has pointed out the worn carpeting in the bedroom, for example. You expect flooring materials to last a long time, but eventually they are ready to go. I am in complete agreement. There is nothing like a new carpet to freshen up the look of a home. As for me, however, I want a new water heater. I can’t believe I don’t have the modern tankless style. It is a bit of a dilemma for any homeowner: keep the old one as long as you can and pay high utility bills, or fork over considerable funds for a new tankless model like the ones at https://www.waterheaterwatch.com/best-tankless-water-heater-reviews/.

Most people wait until their old unit conks out and they find themselves without hot water right in the middle of their morning shower. Icy cold daggers freeze them to their very core. I don’t want this to happen to me or Vanessa. Because it is a choice between carpet or water heater, I have to use my best selling skills to convince her that the appliance should come first. We will recoup our expenditure in a year. I have seen the numbers. You can cut your utility costs by at least 20% after installation. Now, who doesn’t want to save money. It is just painful to buy something major for the house (or two major things at one time).

Only newer homes include a tankless water heater. It was a great innovation. Our home is sadly not one of those containing the new version. The old ones are so unsightly and take up oodles of space. I welcome the reconfiguration of my basement so I can put in storage shelves. I can see the many benefits involved. I hope my wife will follow suit. I might tempt her with a storage closet for extra clothes instead of the shelves. She is always complaining about not enough room in the master bedroom. If I answer this need, I may well get my new water heater. It seems like the frugal way to go.

Since we couldn’t come to an absolutely clear decision, we decided to follow the money. In this case, it means what will cost more than we can afford at the moment. Surprisingly, it was the tankless water heater. We found a special on a model we liked because there was a surplus in the warehouse. Carpets aren’t cheap if you select top-grade materials. The water heater thus came out the clear winner. My wife isn’t too upset about it and will love her new closet.