A Disastrous End to a Good Trip

I travel a lot and most of the time everything is hunky dory. You don’t expect trouble as a rule. When it happens, however, it is an unwelcome surprise. Such was the case a while ago when I lost my luggage. It was during a very successful business trip during which I had acquired a new client with a gift shop. This had never happened before and I became so miffed. I waited for hours while they checked the lost and found. Finally, I found out that my bags had been incorrectly placed on another flight. It hadn’t even come in yet. Another couple of hours passed and the tedium mounted. By the time I finally retrieved my belongings and got home, I was beyond help. My mood was ruined. Usually I am excited to see my wife.

She greeted me with open arms and already knew not to talk about the mishap. I would just get angrier. I was exhausted to say the least. I unpacked, took a shower, and jumped into bed. I fell asleep within minutes but, unfortunately, I dreamed about the luggage. It couldn’t get rid of the incident. My subconscious kept mulling it over. So much fuss about bags! After a good sleep, it was over and done. I had my luggage safe and secure and received an apology from the airlines and a free ticket to anywhere in the U.S. As an art trader, this would indeed come in handy. I had thought about an international excursion next, but I always take domestic trips when I have a customer in another area. This was the only positive of the experience.

A few weeks rolled around and it was time for my birthday. These seem to come regularly. Ha! My wife and I always celebrate by going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. It is a special treat to which we look forward. Most of the time we go to casual eateries or stay at home. I travel so much that I don’t need to indulge the rest of the time. There are plenty of opportunities on the road. This time, I was into the idea of gourmet food. As we set off, I noticed that my wife had a large package with her. I knew it was my gift, but what on earth could it be? I would soon find out.

After dinner, she pulled out the present and I dutifully unwrapped it on the spot. It was a wonderful backpack from here, the kind I could use for travel and not have to check in. I could carry it on board the plane and stow it under my seat. What a perfect gift. She had also placed some travel items inside. She must have bought this bag after my luggage had been lost. She probably didn’t waste any time. She has good taste and knows my needs so her choice was the best.